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At Pops Upkeep, we take the burden off developers to increase their ROI through high-efficiency maintenance and cleaning, early detection, 24-hour rapid response, and a system that frees up property managers to manage more properties. All of this serves to limit risk, reduce payroll and increase rental value.


Early Detection

Property managers know that unnoticed maintenance needs can cause a world of trouble.


We diagnose unreported issues, preventing them from turning into complaints and major hassles. If there’s a draft in the hallway, we’re working to reduce your energy bill. If there’s a water stain, we’ll help find the leaks before the pipes burst. Every issue is documented for your convenience.

Rapid Response

Pop’s is prepared for the 3am phone call. We offer a standby concierge service with a 24-hour access line


Because we employ maintenance staff in the community, Brooklyn properties can expect a response to common handyman, electrical and plumbing repairs within the hour. If there’s a need for a major cleanup, we provide reliable surge staffing through our sister company.

Quality Cleaning

Through years of experience with Mom’s Standard – our sister cleaning company with a consistent five-star rating on Yelp – we have a reliable team of certified cleaners trained in our quality cleaning bootcamp. We adapt efficient, eco-friendly techniques from multinational retail companies for efficient, premium cleaning without additional cost.

Fully Managed

Biweekly in-person meetings with property managers build trust, accountability and a stronger partnership. Through our scalable online platform, we help property managers save time by replacing email attachments with a one-stop field management system linked to each building. Every activity is logged, verified and easy to filter to make their lives easier.

Keep More Rent

At the end of the day, properties are an investment. In addition to early detection and response, we help you avoid the salary, payroll and lost rent associated with employing a super while handling rapid night shift response. We work to maintain a strong building reputation to keep quality tenants longer and to empower property managers to oversee a larger property portfolio


Ready to find out more?

Do you own or manage properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan? Contact us to discuss how we can increase your investment returns while taking property maintenance off your plate.

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